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Custom Farm Work

HAY Sales 

While we specialize in baling we do offer custom cutting and raking as well as hay loading and haulage. We can do it all or we can do parts to ensure
that you get that best hay possible off of your fields and into your barn.
We welcome any questions about any of our baling systems and look forward to talking with you!
We grow a variety of hay mixes on our farms to suit most all equine needs, from grassy pasture mixes to high protein alfalfa.
Hay can be sold in large squares, small squares or large rounds if orders are takenbefore that baler heads to the field!
Customers can pick up at the farm or we can deliver. We can deliver up to 780 small square bales with tractor and wagons or 36+ large bales, but as few as a pack on a pickup truck. We offload the square bale packs right next to your elevator for customer ease, or we can stack them right in some barns for a no labour hay delivery for our customer. 
To place an order for hay please call or email today and we will discuss your needs and match our hay to suit exactly what you're looking for. 

Custom Baling Solutions

Large Square Custom Bailing 

Whether it be hay, straw or biomass, we can bale it! Our Case IH LB333 large square baler, produces 3x3x5-8.5ft bales, hay preservative available. We are based in Halton Region but are willing to travel with this baler. Bale weight will depend on the length chosen for the bales. Bales priced by the foot, travel time by the hour. 
Call for Pricing 

Large Round Custom Bailing 

Our large round baler makes 4x5 bales or smaller. This baler is well maintained and ready to work. We use the extra wide net wrap to ensure properly wrapped tight bales that are easy to stack. We price by the bale. 
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Small Square Custom Baling 

(in Bale Baron Packs)
We offer small square baling with our bale baron which puts the small squares into packs of 21, making them easier to ship and handle. Many of our customers move their packs with pallet forks or double bale spears off the field. Saves on Labour! We make 45-50 lbs but can increase on customer preference. Our bales are uniform and consistent. Our baler has a crop eyes perspective applicator, so when your paying for acid you only pay for what is used on your hay! Prices by the bale, plus travel time for the tractor and baler.
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