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Our Story 

We are fourth generation farmers in Halton Region, specializing in hay for the equestrian industry and quality livestock. Our unique bale packaging (bale baron), allows us to move hay efficiently as well as allowing for quick loading of van trailers for export and stacking ability in some barns, saving time and labor for our customers. We provide delivery and can haul over 700 bales on our two wagons. We bale in small squares, large squares and large rounds.

 We grow an acreage of oats, wheat and barley for livestock feed or local grain mills. Wheat/oat/ switch grass straw are sold on farm.

We also raise chickens, cattle and sheep for the livestock freezer order market, we raise all our animals with attention to care and comfort and provide local families with meat that is locally farm raised. Eggs are also available for farm gate sale. 

We custom farm as well and welcome interest in custom work such as tilling, planting, cutting, baling and transporting hay/ grains.

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